Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tell everybody, I'm on my way

At the airport, waiting for my flight to Vienna in Austria. Drinking tea and eating a cinnamon bun<3

I really don't like travling alone... When I have someone with me, I tend to take the role as the calm, realistic person who's in charge of everything. But when I'm alone, I have both the role of calm and the role of a nervous wrek. Haha, life's not easy ^^

Anyway, I wont be able to post so much in Austria since I don't know if I'll have internet or not. Even if I havn't had so much to say earlier either. Things have been a bit emotional due to something concidering my boyfriend. Nothing between us, just something bad happend in his life and I'm there for him. Ergo - I've put a lot of stuff on hold. So maybe I'll get a bit of creativity flowing when I get away from Sweden, even if I'd right now rather be home waiting for him to finish work. But things will probably get better when I arrive in Graz, which is the final destination for this trip.

Until My and Sandra arrives tomorrow, I wont be able to take any pictures, but I thought I'd show you a "behind the scenes" from the last time I was in Graz and acctually managed to get a photoshoot with really talented photographer Eric Geidl.

You all have a great week now!

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