Sunday, May 6, 2012

All (I know) about henna

So, I've promised you a short post about the hair colour I'm using, called "henna".
It's a greenish/brownish powder made from leaves of the henna tree (Lawsonia inermis).
This substance have been used since the Bronze age (!) by people all over the world
to colour their hair, skin, nails and even silk and wool. You can also use it to
colour and protect leather.

Henna powder

Using henna instead of regular hair colour have really made my hair feel smooth
and full of life (before I both bleached it and dyed it red). It also feels better to know
that I'm not using a bunch of chemicals just for the sake of looking pretty - it's
all just a plant, hot water and sometimes a spoonful of honey to bind it together.
Almost like making tea!

Me, looking good while using henna. Plastic bag to keep it moist!

I'd recommend everyone to try this if you want red or brown hair (there's also black and "neutral"/blonde henna, but I don't know much about it since I've never used it...).
It's cheeper than most of the ordinary hair colours you find in the stores, healthier and
over all much better for your hair! You can find it in most health stores in Sweden,
and I think it's quite common all over the world.


  1. What texture is your hair? I have pretty thick but fine Blonde (does that even make sense) hair like its a decent sized ponytail, but it won't hold a curl. I've been wanting to dye it, but it grows soo slowly that I get sick of the color quickly. I was mostly just wondering how long the henna lasts, and if when it wears out does it affect your natural color at all?

    1. Hi Lisa!

      I also have quite thick, but wavy hair, with a natural dark blondeish colour.

      From what I know, henna does not affect your natural colour. I dye my hair once or twice a month since it grows very fast, but even if you didn't colour it so often I think the colour would last pretty long. Red pigment have a tendency to stick to your hair forever ;P

      If you get tired of your hair easily maybe you should try different hair extensions? I used to have extension dreads a lot before, and you can really be creative and change your hair a lot. Or just regular extensions with different coulours.

      I'd say henna might be the way to go if you blend in some fun extensions or have a nice hair cut every once in a while, because your hair gets so... Full of life. I also feel like my hair grows a bit faster now than before (but that might not be true, it just feels like it). But make sure to test it on a piece of hair first since you never know Exactly what colour your hair will be in afterwards ;)